SONG OF THE DAY The Islanders – Forbidden Island

r-2216750-1270774680-jpegIf music had the power to literally whisk you away, this song would have you bathing in the ocean in no time.  This track may not have the powers to teleport, but it does the next best thing, it inspires the mind to drift off and travel.

The first thing you hear as this song begins is the lapping of waves, as laughter unveils an exotic melody of beach-infused surf-rock and the mysterious, tuneful howl of dulcet vocals; it’s inviting, it’s enticing and makes for an easy listen.

The Islanders were an American group signed to Mayflower Records and consisted of Frank Metis (accordion), Randy Star (guitar) and special sound effects creator, Ralph F. Curtiss.  Best known for their 1959 hit single, The Enchanted Sea, the band failed to create any further hits but for Randy Starr, this was not his only creative outlet.  Starr also performed as a solo singer for a number of record labels and was possibly best known for writing twelve songs for Elvis!

Today’s beach-bobbing boogie is titled Forbidden Island and was released as a 45 in 1960 on Mayflower records and, If you happen to stumble upon a copy of this, keep a hold of it, it’s now fetching over £40!  Listen above.


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