SONG OF THE DAY Dennis The Fox – Piledriver

r-1500955-1432911010-4351-jpegSampled by DJ Shadow (which is how I stumbled upon today’s song), Piledriver is a groovy little track featuring on an album titled, Mother Trucker.  Recorded and self released by Dennis Caldirola, AKA Dennis The Fox, this album originally came out as a demo in 1975 with the aim of attracting the attention of major record labels.

In terms of genre, this album is virtually impossible to categorise, from hard rock to country rock, soulful ballads to beat heavy funk, this LP has lots to offer and has received plenty of attention over the years for its off-the-wall and very unique style.

And if this wasn’t enough to lure you in, check out the very distinct soulful, crooning vocals of Dennis The Fox, his voice is so versatile it just fits with every song regardless of style!…oh yeah, and not forgetting the funkaliscious drums on Piledriver, no wonder Shadow wanted to sample it! Listen above.

Whilst reading about Dennis The Fox, I came across this interesting interview on a blog with the man himself, check that out here.


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