SONG OF THE DAY The Frightnrs – Till Then

0005844262_10You may have noticed that Brooklyn’s reggae stars, The Frightnrs have cropped up on my pages a few times recently, I can’t help it, just love them!

I finally got around to purchasing a hard copy of their Nothing More To Say album yesterday and have been playing it non stop ever since (if you haven’t heard it yet, I urge you to follow the link at the bottom of this page and take a listen).  This has got to be one of my most favourite, stand-out albums for a long time!  Released in September 2016 via Daptone Records, the album offers 11 superb and polished 60’s-sounding dancehall tracks, from start to finish each and every one is pure magic!

The vibrant musical brilliance of this album is a blessing, but there is also a tragic story entwined in its creation.  Three months before it was released, lead singer Dan Klein passed away from ALS; is first album will be his lasting legacy and I’m sure it’s timeless sound shall adorn the ears of many a lucky listener for years to come; I’ll never tire of playing this.

Nothing More To Say can be streamed and purchased from here.  Today’s song is the gorgeous, Till Then… Enjoy it above and check out some great live footage/interview with the band below….

One last link!!: Check out some early Frightnrs tracks from their ‘Inna Lovers Quarrel’ EP here.

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