SONG OF THE DAY Nora Dean – Angle Lala

photolargeJamaican-born Nora Dean was a reggae and gospel singer who has often been described as one of reggae’s greatest mysteries.  With no interviews ever been published and very few photos ever taken, little is known about her, even her birthday has been disputed by many sources over the years!

She recorded as a solo artist and in bands and was a member of, The Ebony Sisters, The Soul Sisters and the Soulettes.  She also provided backing vocals for various Jimmy Cliff recordings and although she was never a prolific artist (especially by reggae standards), a number of her songs are very fondly remembered by fans of Jamaican music as true reggae classics.

Nora Dean’s Angle Lala was released in 1970 via the Treasure Isle label and is a unique and exotic mix of entrancing beats, heavy bass, ecstatic moans and shimmering vocals.  Add to this an array of cawing bird sounds, mysterious chanting and the heady fusion is complete; I’ve heard nothing quite like this, it’s weird and it’s wonderful!..  Listen above.

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