SONG OF THE DAY Starfires – I Never Loved Her

r-5634476-1398541183-7038-jpegLA band The Starfires were a garage-rock outfit from LA who released a small selection of singles throughout the 60’s; of which today’s track, I Never Loved Her has become one of the most sought-after 45’s from that time.

Consisting of band members, Chuck Butler (vocals), Dave Anderson (guitar), Sonny Lathrop (rhythm guitar), Freddy Fields (bass) and Jack Emerick (drums), the band released three singles between 1965 and 1967, one was for G.I Records and the other two for Yardbird Records.

I Never Loved Her is a great track with its growling vocals, jittery twanging guitar and off-key tambourine..but once you hear those lyrics, you’ll definitely be glad you’re not “her”..Listen above.


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