SONG OF THE DAY Adam Torres – Hatchet

adamtorres-852x550It’s one thing to have a way with words, but possessing the gift to express these beautifully assembled sentences in such an exquisite way is something that Adam Torres effortlessly accomplishes every time he puts pen to paper.  Add to this his heartfelt and haunting vocals and what you have is a piece of musical magic in every song, where every sentiment and sensation are conveyed with lingering effects, it gets under your skin.

Next week Adam Torres is due to return with his EP, I Came To Sing The Song,  a four track release which was recorded during the Pearls To Swine sessions.  According to the man himself, this collection of songs is about devoting your life to songwriting and the many ripple effects such a decision creates or, as I recently read Torres declare, “The idea behind the song and EP is finding purpose in one’s work, and having to adjust to the lightness and darkness of that search.”

Following on from the EP’s enchanting title-track comes another song from this forthcoming release which is titled, Hatchet.  I love way the song is built on delicate layers, each one adding a different dimension, each one almost playing an intricate part in depicting a feeling; from the bold sharpness of the drums to the delicate tenderness of the strings, each element plays a part…its another beautiful track!  Listen above.

Premiering on Goldflake Paint, Torres explained how, “Hatchet is a song about healing from seemingly irreconcilable conflicts and what else is a conflict besides the lack of understanding between two people or maybe two groups of people?”

I Came To Sing The Song releases 24.2.17 via Fat Possum Records.  Pre-order your copy from here.

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