SONG OF THE DAY Shirley Ann Lee – There’s A Light

r-3509035-1407782270-2556-jpegToday’s song was originally recorded back in 1968 by the soulful gospel artist, Shirley Ann Lee and was released via the gospel label, Revival Records.

Shirley Ann Lee’s music has more recently been unearthed by The Numero Group, a fantastically eclectic archival record label founded in 2003 in Chicago, Illinois, by  Rob Sevier and Ken Shipley.  The main aim and focus of this label is to research and reserve obscure material recorded by artists who found little commercial success upon their material’s initial release.

If you have yet to discover the musical wonders being brought to light by the extensive, detailed and hard work of The Numero Group, I recommend you take a look.  This label offers an array of interesting and rare sounds from a variety of musical genres, releasing compilations of previously released music whilst also reissuing original albums; there’s a wealth of music to explore and discover here!

Check out the powerful rejoicing of Shirley Ann Lee in her great song,  There’s A Light, and discover lots more about her on The Numero Group’s webpage here.


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