SONG OF THE DAY Them Two – Am I A Good Man

tumblr_m28b767hr81qem6av_1334003373_coverToday’s supersonic soul song is linked to yesterday’s artist Freddie Joachim for he has also sampled this little gem in his (bursting-with-big-beats) Good Man track!

Also sampled by the likes of Ghostface Killah, 50 Cent and several other hip hop/r&b artists, Am I A Good Man was originally released in 1967.  Written and arranged by Clarence Reid and performed by Them Two, this is a glorious nugget of impassioned soul which I was happy to discover has recently been reissued!

them-two2It would be fair to say that Miami’s Deep City Records is not one of soul music’s best-known imprints as it only ever released a handful of records in the mid-to-late ’60s, but many of these have gone on to be considered as obscure, Southern soul classics…today’s song being one of them! Check it out above.

Picture of Them Two on right:featuring Larry Greene (left) and Larry Mobley (right)

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