SONG OF THE DAY Shadow Band – Green Riverside

a0815498388_10New Jersey’s Shadow Band released their latest album, Wilderness Of Love a few days ago via Mexican Summer and from what I’ve heard so far, it’s sounding pretty good.  With its dreamy psyched-out feel I’ve found it very easy to latch onto this album which, for me, this is the first I’ve ever heard, though it is not the first album that the band has released!

The band formed organically around the songwriting of Mike Bruno and the vibrant landscapes that inhabit his creative mind. Growing up in New Jersey, Bruno immersed himself in a self-made world of gloomy sonic alchemy, honing his song craft as a solo act in New Brunswick’s.  After moving to Philly, Bruno came together with Matt Marchesano, Sean Yenchick, James Christy, Jacob Brunner, Jules Nehring and Morgan Morel…the Shadow Band was thus born!

Informed by tales the surrounding nature of the places it was pieced together, as well as the tales of folklore that are embedded within them, Wilderness Of Love is shrouded in mysticism and hazy folk-based melodies.  First track Green Riverside was what initially hooked me in, one listen and I had to hear more, this gentle track caressed my ears with its rather haunting vibe and I really like it.  Listen above.

Grab your copy of Wilderness Of Love from here and check out more of the Shadow Bands music here. 

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3 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Shadow Band – Green Riverside

  1. julianarde says:

    Great recommendation! What song would you say is the standout?

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  2. Thanks Julian! Great question…tough one too! At the moment I’ve got ‘Eagle Unseen,’ ‘Shadowland’ and ‘Mad John’ going round in my head…but out of all of them..hmmm…I’d narrow it down two standouts:’Eagle Unseen’ and ‘Green Riverside’ 🙂

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  3. julianarde says:

    Sweet I’ll have to check all of those out 🙂 By the way, would love for you to join our Facebook community of music fans and bloggers, and share your blogs!


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