SONG OF THE DAY The Molochs – Come Softly With Your Hidden Spoon

16712046_1305367582889435_4191447204050241252_nThe psychedelic sounds of The Molochs are back! Yes, indeedy, LA’s psych-folk rock’n’rollers are to release a brand new EP this Friday via Innovative Leisure.

Following the release of their second album, ‘America’s Velvet Glory’ earlier this year, the AVG Sessions EP looks set to continue on a path of blissed-out, hazy psychedelia; driven and inspired by the sounds of The Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman, Television, The Only Ones and The Byrds.

Ahead of their EP release this Friday, the band have shared new single, Come Softly With Your Hidden Spoon which glides along on an enticing folk melody, with vocals that swap between song and spoken word, accompanied by an alternating rhythm that makes the song feel like a journey with its transitioning pace.  Lucas Fitzsimons from the band has this to say about the single:

“…Hidden Spoon’ is about revolutionaries imprisoning and executing their King in Paris in 1793. It’s just a good story and can apply to any period of time. The song is a vivid ballad… something that can bring the story to life in someone’s head.”

Hear another great track by The Molochs on my page here.

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