SONG OF THE DAY Justin Carter – Leaves

justin“My ambition in all my creative pursuits is to help people lose themselves, whether that’s on a dance floor, in their headphones, or lying on the floor of a loft space.”

Last Friday Justin Carter, released his debut album, The Leaves Fall which, as you can see by his words above, is an album he has devised to provide the lucky listener with a means of escapism.  He creates mesmerising soundscapes with his chamber pop sound and from the few tracks I have heard so far, I can already see that it wouldn’t take much to lose yourself in his music.

The New York-based artist has spent five years working on his debut album, but these things can’t be rushed and writing what is ultimately an album of autobiographical material clearly takes time and care.  This shines through in the polished layering’s of ambient instrumentals and haunting vocals, this is music that captivates and captures.

‘Leaves‘ features towards the end of the album and was the first track to grab my attention with its fluid melody, shining-crisp vocals and wandering rhythms.  The song builds and gathers, exploring and layering with an array of percussive sounds…it’s definitely not hard to lose yourself in this..Listen above.

The Leaves Fall is available now on Justin Carter’s label, Mister Saturday Night. Order your copy from here.

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