SONG OF THE DAY Old Smile – Empty Lines

elusive_day_cover_1500Anyone that knows me will appreciate that the way to my heart is through my ears, sweet sounding music will do it every time, without fail!  The obsession never subsides and the desire to seek out new music is one river that will never run dry…

New Jerseyan artist, Tom Herman, aka Old Smile, is a familiar name to the Listening Post Blog and one artist who has left his musical imprint on the LP Blog’s heart (tap Old Smile into my search bar and you will find some more of his great sounds).  There is something effortless about the way he writes, something completely soothing about the way he sings and I always find, without fail, that his music has this magic way of helping me to unravel and unwind.

What I also appreciate about Tom Herman is that his music is completely his own, from the writing to the recording, the mixing to the instrumentation, all of these many facets stem from this one creative place; he is even responsible for the videos, artwork and visuals that accompanies his music!

Next month Old Smile will be releasing his debut solo album, Elusive Day, which features twelve songs that were written over a two-year period: 2013-2015.  The album pivots upon a snappy, psychedelic, jangle-pop sound, covering and delving into topics such as lost love, missed opportunities and self-exploration.

First single Empty Lines is available now and is accompanied by one of Tom’s videos…give it a watch/listen above and if you like, grab yourself a copy from here. 

Elusive Day is due for release on April 14th via twosyllable records, pre-order your copy from here.

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