SONG OF THE DAY The Acid – Animal (Live on KEXP)

Soothing sounds are what my ears have been craving as of late, so I’ve taken heed of their desires and found a cracking ‘soother’ for today’s song.

I’ve been delving into a mixture of new and old sounds and came across this live version of Animal by The Acid earlier.  It’s a great track anyway, with Ry X’s distinctive falsetto’s fronting this very pure sound, but what I also like about this video is the chance it gave me to see the many intricate layers of Animal come together. Divine backing vocals howl in unison whilst a lone beat taps out against the haunting melody as weird and wonderful keyboard sound effects echos across the open spacious soundscapes (listen carefully and one bit sounds like a diving plane!)..there’s even room for a whisk in the mix, check out the video and you will see what I mean!  It’s a magical performance and I’m very much appreciating this today.  Check it out above.

Animal features on The Acids LP, Liminal, which was released in 2014 via Infectious Music.

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