SONG OF THE DAY Cannibale – No Mercy For Love

17Have you ever considered what you  would get if you crossed Fela Kuti, The Doors and The Seeds (perhaps throwing in a bit of Talking Heads for good measure)…and would you believe that the successful cross-pollination of this music is possible?!

Well, this musical fusion is exactly what French band, Cannibale have been working on with their new album and from what I’ve heard so far, not only does it sound interesting, but the mix works a treat!

Still unknown in rock territory, Cannibale have been kicking about for many moons, with each member playing in other bands and doing session work for twenty-or-so years before coming together in 2016.  Their music blends together psychedelic garage with tropical grooves, African rhythms and post punk vocals and it is evident that this band are clearly not afraid to explore and experiment.

a2398929441_10Signed by French Label, Born Bad Records, Cannibale released their debut album, No Mercy For Love, just a couple of days ago and I’m working my through it as I type.

The album’s title track is a superb opening song, beginning with an intro that almost cries out, ‘look what I’ve brought with me,’ as it hurls swirling keys and punctuated drums at you, this immediately grabs your attention.  Rolling drums and a slinky bass line takes the lead through the rest of the song, navigating their way through psychedelic melodies and vibrant rhythms…  Listen above.

No Mercy For Love is available now and can be purchased from here.


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