SONG OF THE DAY Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Down (is where i want to be)

One of the first things that jumped out to me about singer-songwriter Alec Ounsworth, aka Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, was his originality.

I love listening to an album for the first time with that ‘I have no idea where this is going’ kind of feeling.  Unpredictable songs that start one way and then explode into a direction you hadn’t anticiapted, with a nice slice of variety.  This is what you get with CYHSY’s music and latest album, The Tourist, offers another variable bag of indie-rock experimentation with stand-out tracks, A Chance To Cure, Down (Is Where I Want To Be), Unfolding Above Celibate Moon and Fireproof.

The Tourist is Ounsworth’s fifth full-length album under his Clap Your Hands tag and the follow-up to his 2014 ‘Only Run’ album.  Recorded over the course of a week at Dr Dog’s studio in Philadelphia, The tourist comprises of 10 keyboard-driven and acoustic folk-rock driven tracks which were born out of an emotional past few years and are also said to be a ‘nod’ to Ounsworth’s inspirations which includes artists such as Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Paul Simon.


Listen to more and order your copy of The Tourist from here. 

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