SONG OF THE DAY The Echo Oh’s – Up The River

An email alert came through last night to tell me that psych-surf rockers, The Echo Oh’s, had released a new song and I was rather eager to give it a listen!

It’s not often a band comes along where you can say that you are into everything they release, but with this Auckland 3-piece, I’ve relished all their offerings so far!..and new song, Up The River’ is no exception!

Consisting of Guy Forks on guitar, Yolanda Fagan on Guitar/Bass/vocals and Emlyn Williams on Drums, this young New Zealand 3-piece create an interesting blend of primitive Rock ‘n’ Roll and swamp-pop.  Screeching through the darkness comes the intense roar of Yolanda Fagan,  echoing her ‘Ohs’ and piercing her yelp’s against a backdrop of a deeply deranged bass lines and shady psych-tastic guitar melodies.  Their sound lurks in the shadows, far away from the sunshine haze of jangle pop, with their latest track a testament to the bands garage, post-punk persuasions.

Up The River appears on the band’s forthcoming album, Hot Pockets, which is due for release this June via 1:12 Records (who have also released records for the likes of Roy Irwin, Las Tetas, The Conjurors, and The Cavemen).

The record was recorded by guitarist Guy Forks at the trio’s old Waist Deep studio on a TEAC four-track tape machine, and then mastered by Spot On Sound in the States. In an interview I read on Under The Radar’s website, front woman Yolanda Fagan had this to say of the record:

“It’s a good mix of the songs that represent us. Some spooky thematic instrumental, some short two minute crackers. It’s somewhat live feeling but we’ve put a few extra pieces in there. That’s a bit new for us. We like to keep it stripped back up this time Guy and I had fun adding very subtle overdubs.”

Accompanying the new single comes a rather hypnotic video which you can watch above.


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