SONG OF THE DAY sir Was – In The Midst

This is one of those songs that took me a couple of listens to make my mind up about.  It had something that attracted my attention immediately, but like any music it’s all about the mood you’re at the time and tonight I’m really enjoying it.

sir Was is a Swedish artist who views music entirely without boundaries.  Loosely electronic, his work is also inspired by his experiences as a jazz saxophonist that led periods studying in Gothenburg and at the University of Kwasulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa.

Currently based in Gothenburg, sir Was is now signed to City Slang (read more about him here) and has just released a new album titled, Digging A Tunnel.  This album, according to City Slang’s artist page was, was recorded between autumn 2014 and spring 2015 in Wästberg’s favoured Gothenburg studio space, Stampen, but the record is lent its especially singular atmosphere by the strange background noises the producer employs, many from field recordings he compiled during his travels, whether maracas in Mexico or flutes from another distant land. It boasts, too, an effortless flow, reflected in Wästberg’s vocal delivery, which shifts from the aforementioned falsetto to a lazy spoken word delivery that circles round the beat rather than landing on it.

First track from this album is today’s upbeat track, In The Midst.  It’s got a great beat, a funky soulful melody and vocals that effortlessly shifts between the flow of singing and the rhythm of spoken word, it’s got a great feel. Check it out above.

Available now, grab your copy of Digging A Tunnel from here.

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