SONG OF THE DAY Caretakers of Deception – Cuttin’ Grass

I was having a little music browse this evening when I stumbled upon this absolute gem of an album! Released earlier this month and following on from their 2007 Rockabilly compilation, producer’s/DJ’s Keb Darge & Cut Chemist have got together once again to explore the wonderful world of 1960s Garage music! What a bonus!

Titled, Keb Darge & Cut Chemist Present The Dark Side: 28 Sixties Garage Punk And Psyche Monsters, this album is brimming with some horrendously awesome garage-psych tracks which, if you haven’t gathered already, is one of my all time favourite things!

When speaking of the album, Keb Darge had this to say:  This compilation is not aimed at the many collectors of this wonderful style of music. I am a very late arrival on this scene, and still have a hell of a lot to learn, and buy. This is more for people like I was just three years ago, people oblivious to beauty, power, and excitement of the sixties garage sound.

..though I have to say Keb, I’ve been listening to this music for years and there’s still one or two on this compilation I’m not familiar with! It’s a great set of tracks, perfect for any garage-rock head out there! I’m loving it!

Taken from this album comes track, Cuttin’ Grass, a stomping, powerful, raw piece of psych-tastic, mind-bending garage-rock.  Little is known about the band behind this track, except that the Caretakers of Deception might have been from Los Angeles or somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.  Today’s song was written by T. Jones and released in 1967 on the Santus Record Company label, SS-11/12, with the B-side titled, X+Y=13...what else is there to say other than I hope you enjoy this as much as I am! Listen above.

I can highly recommend the rest of Keb Darge & Cut Chemist album, no garage-rock compilation collection should be without it! Released via BBE Records, grab your copy from here. 

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