SONG OF THE DAY Joe Gaston & The Crew – Without You

This little gem of a song has been in one of my playlists for ages now and after it came on yesterday in a random selection, I found I couldn’t get it out of my head for the rest of the night.

I’ve spent a little while trying to locate a date for this song but have had no joy yet, all of the information I have found about its release doesn’t include a date (so if anyone knows, do let me know?).  What I do know is that Without You was originally released on the Brass record label as the B-side to Joe Gaston’s, How Do You Know which, judging by other Brass releases, was probably put out sometime in the early 60’s.

Brass was a record label from Kansas City which primarily released 7-inch singles, covering a wide variety of genres including, garage rock, rockabilly, surf, bluegrass, psychedelic rock and r&b. It was started by Kansas City country musician Gene McKown and Geo. Hodes, Jr.(owner of Prior Brass Co.) who recorded many of the recordings in his living room.  Several of the early 7-inch releases list Brass as a division of Artel Industries, Inc. and all recordings were distributed by Bill and Leroy Davidson’s wholesale record warehouse and studio.

Without You drifts gracefully along in dreamy haze of wistful melodic guitars and longing vocals,  it gets into your head and coats your ears with its warm guitar embellishments and gentle, musing melody…and now I’ve played again, I know it will be in my head for the rest of the day (wonderful record crackles and all!)  Listen above.

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