Lewes-raised newcomer, Laurence Galpin (aka Laucan) has today released new track, Symptom, and I have just played it through, already anticipating my reaction before the intro had even got underway!

Laucan (pronunciation: Lor-can) has become a regular on the LP Blog, his seamless compositions attracting my ear on many occasions, every occasion in fact, there has not been one release yet that has failed to charm and today’s song is no exception!

Now signed to Radio 6’s Rob da Bank’s label, Sunday Best Recordings, and inspired by ‘folk music of increasing obscurity’, Laucan creates his very own folk-inspired sound, incorporating a perfect helping of psychedelic pop in the mix.

Symptom gracefully glides in on a gentle wave of orchestral instrumentation, soaring strings with jagged edges gather slowly, weaving an atmospheric and inviting intro which offers up the perfect backdrop to Laucan’s delicate falsetto vocals.  As with all of his music, this song is wonderfully crafted, each intricate layer carefully constructed with attention to detail, this is what defines Laucan’s sound.

Listen above and order your copy from here. 

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