SONG OF THE DAY Szymon – Runaway

“I want my music to be timeless.” – Szymon

Szymon Borzestowski was just 23 when he lost his battle with depression and took his own life in 2012.  This young artist was on the brink of something big, with a signing to EMI on the horizon and an album full of songs ready to record.

When the LP Blog first came across his music in 2015, it was just before the release of Tigersapp, the album that Szymon had been working on which was completed by friends and family and released in the August of that year.  With collaborations from EMI’s Craig Hawker and Mark Holland, this album was also partly mixed by Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Owen Pallett) and Ian Pritchett (Angus & Julia Stone) and was released via Eloper music ,a label that was specifically set up to release this record.

Runaway came on my  iPod today when I was out walking and it prompted me to listen to the whole of Tigersapp again.  Finely crafted and beautifully delivered, this album is Szymon’s legacy to this world, marking an all-too-brief but everlasting spark of musical brilliance…Listen above and read more about Szymon on my pages here and here


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