SONG OF THE DAY Hector Plimmer – Let’s Stay

This is my first listen to Hector Plimmer and I must say that I am immediately intrigued! Sucked in by first track on new album, Sunshine and I feel like I’ve entered into some trippy world where everything is extra piercingly crisp and clear.  Otherworldly sounds nestle between big spacious beats, adding to the already ethereal atmosphere and I am weightlessly expanding into its space.  This is music to get lost in and to take time over, do this and allow it to slowly seep in and do its magic.

Born and raised in South London, Hector is a designer, producer and DJ, who has been making some considerable waves over the past year.  Hector was first approached by UK label, Albert’s Favourites in a record store in Soho where he had been performing live and this is where the pairing of artist and label commenced; Sunshine is the product of this initial fruitful meeting.

Clearly influenced by the likes of Flying Lotus and Theo Parrish,  Plimmer’s creations are driven by tribal rhythms, beautifully crafted bass and melodies that are shaped to intertwine with glorious synths and vocal lines. Sunshine is an album of subtle yet intricate detail and the best way to appreciate it is to listen to it from start to finish…Check out opening track, Let’s Stay above and if I were you, I’d keep going until the end.

Sunshine was released last month, listen to more and purchase your copy of it from here. 

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