SONG OF THE DAY Majid Bekkas – Mrhaba (Cervo Edit)

Today’s song was an instant YES PLEASE for me with its inviting, uplifting and upbeat feel; this is the kind of slap in the face that you welcome when you are feeling tired after a long day, this is the vibrant type!

Majid Bekkas is a Moroccan multi-instrumentalist, composer and former teacher of classical guitar.  Influenced by jazz and blues, he is a fan of mergers between traditional Gnaoui music and Afro-American blues.

Mrhaba originally appeared on Bekkas’ 2001 album, African Gnaoua Blues, but is to be re-released as the b-side to the single, Soudani Manayou next month via Manchester Record label, Banana Hill.  Drawing upon influences from around the globe, this is to be the labels first release, with both tracks reworked for the dance floor by co-founder, Cervo.

The single’s A-side,  Soudani Manayou offers 8 minutes of glorious melodic Gnawa guitar fusions and afro-jazz sensibilities, whilst today’s song Mrhaba (as described on the labels Bandcamp page), “leaves the original spirit intact but brings a definitive peak-time bounce, complete with a whirling flute breakdown.
Full sleeve artwork comes from Colombia-based artist Bethany Porteous”.

I know I shall sleep better now with this in my head…  Listen above and pre-order your copy of these tracks (which are due May 14th) from here.


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