SONG OF THE DAY Grace Sings Sludge – A Man Doesn’t Want

A couple of years ago I featured a great track called Play It Again Dick by garage-folk band, The Sandwitches (see June 5th).  Unfortunately since then, the San Franciscan 3-piece have disbanded, but the good news is that as solo artists, their work in music continues!

Life With Dick is the new forthcoming album by The Sandwitches’, Grace Cooper, a.k.a Grace Sings Sludge.  Due for release in summer, this completely DIY project was performed and recorded at Grace’s home with Nick Russo (a.k.a Dick Stusso) on drums; with all of the albums delicate watercolour artwork also created by Grace.

As if that wasn’t enough, Grace has also directed and shot the accompanying video for the albums first shared track, A Man Doesn’t Want, which has been described as a “haunting, yearning lament”.  Delicate and understated, this song flips from gentle, dreamy and melodic, adopting a more gruff and urgent feel as Cooper’s unearthly vocals howl out from the hum of mounting guitars.  In a press release, Grace Cooper’s lyrics are described as containing ‘the weariness of a woman giving in to a love requited, and the unsettling realities of maintaining love.  In some places it seems she no longer knows where to direct her endless yearning.”  Expression is everything and Grace Cooper has certainly perfected the art of expressing intensity and craving in her music…Grace, I feel your pain!  Listen above and watch the accompanying video below:

Life With Dick releases on 2nd June via Empty Cellar Records, pre-order your copy from here.

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