SONG OF THE DAY Quicksilver Messenger Service – Year of the Outrage

Contrary to what some of you may suspect, I don’t always have an endless supply of music to hand when it come to picking a new song each day and, because I’m often driven by the thrill of a new discovery, I have been known to spend many an hour trawling through lots of new, old and current music looking for that certain something!

Today’s song falls into the ‘something old’ category and even though I’m familiar with the band and lots of their music, I hadn’t heard this track before (but this is probably because it was only ever released on a live LP).

Today’s song was recorded live at the Fillmore in 1967 and became part of a series of live recordings that were unearthed and released some 40 years later.  Titled, Live At The Filmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 6th February 1967, this album presents one of a three-night stand show that Quicksilver Messenger Service played as an opening act for Jefferson Airplane.

This run of shows offers an interesting glimpse into the early days of the band, with the live album featuring a lineup of Quicksilver that never made it into the recording studio; including singer/harmonica player Jim Murray (who dropped out of the band before the recording of the first album, never to be heard from again) and blues/folk/rock singer-songwriter, Nick Gravenites (who appeared as a guest vocalist)

Year of the Outrage was one of the songs that Gravenites provided vocals for and this album provides the only known documented performance of this track.  The lyrics are certainly of their time, with Gravenites reporting on political current events from in-between his melodic and howling growls…meanwhile the band grooves out and the whole song unfolds in just under 8 minutes of bliss… Check it out above.


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