SONG OF THE DAY Magic Sam – My Love Will Never Die

I bet they didn’t call him magic for nothing! Get a load of those high notes that Samuel Gene Maghett, aka Magic Sam, reaches in today’s terrific track!

Magic Sam was a self-taught Chicago blues artist born in Mississippi who learned to play the blues from listening to records by Muddy Waters and Little Walter.  After moving to Chicago at the age of 19, he was signed to Cobra Records and released his first record, All Your Love, in 1957.  During his first recording session for Cobra, Samuel’s bass player and childhood friend, Mack Thompson, came up with what would remain his stage name, suggesting that Magic Sam was a close resemblance to “Maghett Sam.”

Sam became known for his distinctive tremolo guitar playing and was often praised by his record producer, Willie Dixon, who admired his “different guitar sound,” stating how “most of the guys were playing the straight 12-bar blues thing, but the harmonies that he carried with the chords was a different thing altogether.  He expressed inspirational feelings with his high voice, you could always tell him, even from the introduction to the music”.

Recording singles for Cobra Records from 1957 to 1959, Sam’s guitar style, vocals and songwriting have inspired and influenced many blues musicians….In The Blues Brothers, Jake Blues even dedicates the band’s performance of Sweet Home Chicago to the late,great Magic Sam!

Today’s howlingly good song appears on Magic Sam’s 1967 album, West Side Soul.  Listen above.


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