SONG OF THE DAY Charles Sheffield – It’s Your Voodoo Working

Everywhere I go lately I keep hearing this song!  I first heard it in a playlist I’ve been working my way through (compiled by a man with exceptional taste), it then appeared on a new soul/funk compilation I’ve bought recently and then I heard it played on The Sunshine Makers documentary film that I wrote about on Friday.  Coupled with the fact that this is a superb listen and hasn’t left my head for a few days, I thought I’d feature it today!

Originally written and recorded by R&B singer Charles Sheffield, aka Mad Dog Sheffield, It’s Your Voodoo Working was recorded for J.D Miller at his Crowley, Louisiana studio in 1961 and was released on Nashville’s Excello Records.

Sheffield wrote and recorded no more than six songs for Excello Records, all of which failed to impact for some unknown reason and, disenchanted by the whole experience,  the blues singer/songwriter disappeared shortly after, never to record again!  The tragic thing is that, It’s Your Voodoo Working is acclaimed more now than when it came out in ’61, which I find hard to understand! How could Charles Sheffield have ever been overlooked? Lets us appreciate his fine work now and lose ourselves in his voodoo witchery…listen above.

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Charles Sheffield – It’s Your Voodoo Working

  1. Dave Dunklee says:

    Hello – The chords for this song are Gm to Dm with the riff being very similar to Wipe Out.
    The rhythm and repeated riff are perfect for any musucian who knows how to use a looper !
    “You Put A Spell On Me” is another song overlooked until recent years. I will share this through The Healing Box Project which gives guitars and lessons to disabled Veterans. Google it and visit our social media for more – Thankyou for your website – Dave

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  2. Hi Dave! Thank you! Thank you for getting in touch and sharing that information! What an amazing thing to be doing, giving guitar lessons to disabled veterans! You are in the US? I’m so glad you got in touch to share that info and thank you too! I shall look more extensively at your web page now. All the best, Ruth


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