I sometimes spend hours going through blog submissions, it’s a blessing and a curse really because there is so much out there waiting to be discovered, so much out there waiting to be rediscovered and never enough hours in the day..though given half a chance, I’d happily spend every waking hour discovering new music!

Today’s artist found me, which I am most chuffed about as it was rather nice to go through my emails to find this music waiting!  Jeffrey Mistrali, a.k.a Jo Jolisper, is an psych-pop musician based in France whose musical world pivots around all things 60’s.

Inspired by artists such as Kevin Ayers, Syd Barrett, The Doors, John Lennon, Elvis and The Beatles, this young artist also appreciates the electronic sounds of Silver Apples and, more recently, Clinic and Damaged Bug.

Combining these influences together, Jo Jolisper then adds to it a heavy dose of drums, keys and bass, also throwing into the mix a hefty helping of strong, memorable vocals, crazy head wear and a large slice of fun and voila, the outcome is this delicious sound and colourful vision!

Initially Jo Jolisper started off as a solo project, releasing his first album, Pop Pala Dili Gidu in August last year, but he has now joined forces with his cousin, Ulrich and the duo are due to record a new EP this coming weekend (listen to them Live at The Message to get a glimpse of what you can expect from their forthcoming release!).

The song I am featuring today is one that stood-out for me right from the start, there were plenty to choose from,  but Blue Sky Red Tide has dug its soft, amiable hooks into my head and I am quite taken by its fluid melody, hypnotic percussion and soothing vocals…Listen above.

I’ve also found this live performance of Ping Wrong (taken at the The Message, Troyes, France) which is definitely worth a watch!..   These guys have lots of fun doing what they do and I like that a lot, this definitely shines through in their music.

Listen to lots more of Jo Jolisper and (name your price) purchase their music from their Bandcamp page here. 

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