SONG OF THE DAY Lando Chill – Break Them Shackles

I was having a browse online tonight and came upon today’s song, but what initially grabbed my attention wasn’t the music itself ( I hadn’t heard it at this point), but the name of the album it came from! 

Due this summer, The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind is the latest release from the Chicago-born rapper and producer, Lando Chill.  Instantly drawn to the title, I was intrigued and had to have a listen to the albums first and only available track, Break Them Shackles.  Pleasantly surprised by my double whammy of good fortune (interesting title and equally interesting and good sounding music), I read a bit more about this album.  I discovered that Lando Chill’s philosophies has inspired the writings of The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind and how the album is a personal tribute to self-actualisation, spiritual acceptance and social activism.  Speaking about the title on his Bandcamp page, Lando has said, “The wind is one’s soul. It represents the human spirit and the earth.”  

Described as a warrior-poet, with one ear to mother nature and one to the plight of humankind, Lando Chill’s mission is to bring the issues of political freedom, police brutality to national conversation, giving a voice to marginalised communities….and what better way to get a message out there than with the power of music?!

Inspired by the Paulo Coelho book, “The Alchemist,” (a book I own but have yet to read), Lando’s new album is about transformation, personally and spiritually and if first track, Break Them Shackles is anything to go by, it should make for an inspiring listen.  So, if you’ve ever thought about exploring the realms of spiritual evolution, this could be the perfect place to start! Or, if it’s something a bit lighter you crave and good sounds are what you want to discover, this is also a good place to start! One thing’s for certain, I’m enjoying Lando Chill’s philosophies and his new single! Listen above.

The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind is due for release on June 23rd, pre-order your copy and grab your free download (yes, I said free!) download of today’s song from here.

Watch the accompanying video below:

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