SONG OF THE DAY Cuba Luna – We Live in a Dream

According to Cuba Luna’s Soundcloud page she had ‘no idea could even sing,’ what a tuneful revelation that must have been because, oh yes, this girl can most definitely sing!

Cuba Luna is a singer-songwriter and guitarist whose graceful voice never fails to brighten my ears, her dulcet tones lucidly carving out narrative paths through gentle acoustic melodies.

I first come upon the bewitching vocals of this young Florida-based musician last September (read my post here), and have made a point of keeping an eye (or should that be ear) on what she is releasing ever since.

Her Soundcloud page goes back four years, showcasing an array of well-written and attractively constructed songs, with her latest offering the very gorgeous, We Live in a Dream.  With its infectious, gentle melody, affirmative and crystal-clear vocals, I found it hard not to fall head-over-heels with this song, it has such a pure, natural and happy-go-lucky feel about it, I loved it instantly!

There isn’t too much out there about Cuba Luna but on her Soundcloud page she speaks about her creative pathway and explains how:

“I started traveling and playing music on the streets in 2009. Before then I had no idea I could even sing. I just started D.I.Y. recording and I’m really excited about spreading my music out there and traveling, playing house shows and gigs and sleeping on peoples’ couches for the next couple decades.  If you wanna be invited to shows add me on Facebook”.

Released only a day ago, check out the charming and elegant sounds of We Live in a Dream above and if you’re eager to hear more, I highly recommmend a visit to Cuba Luna’s Soundcloud page here.  You can also follow here on Facebook here. 


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