SONG OF THE DAY The Cobra Lamps – The Indicator

I have a very soft spot for the superb garage surf-rock sounds of Nottingham-born Little Barrie, (see my pages here and here) so naturally I was rather ecstatic when I discovered that the bands front man, Barrie Codagon had launched his first solo project last year.

This new venture sees Codagon releasing as The Cobra Lamps, with his debut EP released last July via Anton Newcombe’s (of The Brian Jonestown Massacre) label, a Recordings (listen to the EP’s hypnotic track, Known To All, on my page here)

First track from the EP is The Indicator, a laid-back slinky track with scuzzy blues guitar and sultry vocals bound to get you hot under the collar..or is that just me! Listen above and if you like this, it’s definitely worth checking out the rest of the EP here.


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