SONG(S) OF THE DAY Chris Cornell – Seasons / Hands All Over / Fell On Black Days

I have just read the extremely tragic news about Chris Cornell and can’t believe he’s gone! I had to read it twice, the sad news about his untimely passing only really sinking in when I started to read more about what happened last night when the 52-year-old took his own life…

I was in my mid-teens when I first heard the glorious voice of Chris Cornell.. I had just watched a film called Singles and remember thinking how great the soundtrack was, with the bands like Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees,  Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and (one of my old-time favourites) Alice In Chains all packed together on this one great album!  One song that stood out on this soundtrack was Chris Cornell’s Seasons, I love this song so much and each and every time I used to play it, it would always stay in my head for days after… I found a live version of this which you can watch above.

I loved the Seattle sound and looking back, am really glad that I was paying attention when the great grunge scene emerged… One of its pioneers was Chris Cornell’s, Soundgarden, a Seattle band that emerged with their debut album in 1988.  The first album of theirs that I bought was Louder Than Love, the bands second album which was released in 1989.   It still sits in my CD collection to this day so I’ve just got it out and went went to track 2, Hands All Over, the song which I used to love belting out at full volume when I was exploring all things grunge and rock as a teenager!..the song I still love to blast out even now! Check this out (and play loudly) below:

The last Chris Cornell song I want to feature today appears on the Soundgarden’s 1994 Superunknown albumI’ve lost count the number of times me and my brother would play this album!

Fell On Black Days is a song that has always had a haunting effect on me, but tonight it’s lyrics seems even more pertinent than ever and that only makes me love it more.  R.I.P Chris Cornell….


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