SONG OF THE DAY Pet;wolf – Dance with the Devil

Whilst listening to a Soundcloud playlist today that I’d compiled in February, I rediscovered this interesting track which I went as far as re-posting, but never actually got round to featuring…so this is what I’m doing today!

Pet;wolf (yes, this is actually how his name is written) is a producer and rapper hailing from “Jupiter, America” who, as written on his Soundcloud page, has described himself as the “Howard Stern of rap!”

His debut track, Dance with the Devil, was shared on his Soundcloud page 7 months ago, but I’ve yet to find any other releases from him, which is a shame because I think he has something good going on here.  Lyrically tongue in cheek, Dance with the Devil flows with smooth, sophisticated rhythmic metaphors and deadpan vocals, whilst a funky beat kicks out against a dark bass line and the ominous hook, you don’t wanna dance with the devil cause the devil don’t two-step.  The more I listen to this, the more I’m liking it!.

Check it out above and if you like what you hear and are eager for more, contact Petwolf on Soundcloud or Twitter and hassle him for more releases!  Dance with the Devil can also be downloaded for free on his Soundcloud page!

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