SONG OF THE DAY Kutmah – Bury Me By The River (feat. Gonjasufi)

When I heard this song for the first time earlier today, I was intrigued by its curious, slow-burning vibe and had to go back and give it another listen.

This isn’t a track that grabs your attention, but rather lures you in with its sultry, snake-like charms.  Defined by a rather original sound, the more I listen to this to this song, the more I find that I am drawn into its hypnotic clutches, happily lost in the open spaces that vibrate around delicate percussive sounds, bluesy vocals and a smouldering melody…..

The song is called Bury Me By The River and is performed by UK artist, Kutmah, aka Justin McNulty, who is currently working on his debut album with Ninja Tune’s sister label, Big Dada.  The song features vocals by producer and DJ, Sumach Ecks, aka Gonjasufi, with hip hop/soul artist Flako providing the instrumentation.

There doesn’t seem to be a release date for Kutmah’s debut yet, but this single is available now and can be purchased from here.


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