SONG OF THE DAY Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem

…10 out 10 for the first person that can pronounce today’s song!!

I’ve been a fan of Ethiopian Jazz music ever since I heard a Mulatu Astatke track on a film many years back, I heard this one song and I was in love with this sound!

Alemayehu Eshete is an Ethiopian Ethio-jazz singer who has been performing since the early 1960’s.  Releasing his first hit single, Seul, in 1961, Eshete is considered as the golden voice of Ethiopia and the father figure of this soulful stream of Ethiopian music; he has even been nicknamed the “Ethiopian Elvis!”

Today’s song, Alteleyeshegnem, is a re-working of an old classic by Alemayehu Eshete, which is to be reissued by the Berlin-based, global soul label, Philophon records.  Re-interpreted and freshly produced by their house band, this new 7″continues with the same soulful approach, but with an even more funkier edge! Check out this lovely piece of Ethiopian jazz above and, if you are interested, check out the original version of this song below.

Alteleyeshegnem releases via Philophon Records on June 2, 2017.  Pre-order your copy from here. 

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