SONG OF THE DAY Sebastian Mullaert – Every Moment, I Am

“Close your eyes, open your hand, fall.. 
Rest in this Presence; See
And let the keys be played in the endless space of You”
– Sebastian Mullaert

I’m the first person to walk away from music with too much repetition, but today I have been so drawn to a song that does just that! It’s core rotates on one hypnotic looping melody which has got right into my head, making me feel so good.

Every Moment, I Am extends over seven and a half minutes of mesmerising bliss.  Much more than just a song, this is a meditation, and though its weaving repetition this music has the power to steal you away and capture you in the moment.  

Sebastian Mullaert is a classical violinist and pianist from Sweden, recently signed to Belgium’s, Apollo Records.  Driven by a strong desire to explore new sonic territories, Sebastian has recently set aside his classical creations to delve into the more deep and meditative potentialities of electronic and techno music.

From this new project comes a debut EP titled All The Keys Are Here, featuring four tracks originating from piano-based improvisations.  Designed to “embrace simplicity through repetition and sparse arrangements,” this music resonates on a deeper level, drawing influences from Sebastian’s Zen spiritual practices and his love of nature and the serenity it induces.

Every Moment, I Am works best if you sit down, press play and do nothing else but listen.  If you are into this, the rest will take care of itself and you will appreciate what I say when I describe how content this music makes me feel.  Listen above and see for yourself… 

“I really believe that when someone is perceiving art, that person is in a way equally creative and part of the creation as a person playing an instrument, or performing or composing the song. Because it’s in this very moment in the consciousness where the experience of the art is taking place…” – Sebastian Mullaert

All The Keys Are Here releases on June 23rd and can be pre-ordered from here.


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