SONG OF THE DAY Shitkid – Alright

ShitKid is the project of 24-year-old Åsa Söderqvist who made her debut last spring with her self-titled debut EP, a release that quickly propelled her into being one of the most talked about new acts in Sweden

Covering this young artist in a post I did last week (for the full review, see my page here), Shitkid’s brand new album, Fish, has been released today via Sweden’s PNKSLM Recordings and, as described on her Bandcamp page, ‘offers up a sound that’s clearer than the lo-fi murkiness of the debut EP but still very much the opposite to the slick pop dominating the musical landscape today’.

Writing, producing and recording her own music has given Asa’s sound is both experimental and unique, not to mention very catchy and extremely likeable! Today’s song is taken from her latest album and, just as the title declares, is a bit of “Alright.”  Listen above.

Grab yourself a copy of Fish from Åsa’s Bandcamp page here. 


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