SONG OF THE DAY Dove Lady – 7777

Experimental D.C duo, Jeremy Ray and Andrew Thawley, aka Dove Lady, are to release their debut album later this month via Inflated Records and DZ Tapes.  One is to be their first full-length offering and follows in the footsteps of last year’s EP, ‘D.’  Speaking to Goldflake Paint  in an interview recently, the band had this to say of their new album:

“In essence, One is about accepting and forgiving one’s self for all of life’s mistakes; it is a sonic representation of moving on from the past and into the present.”

‘7777’ is the albums opening track, kicking it off with a roaring surge of thundering guitars, boisterous drums and high-energy vocals. What I also like about this track are the unexpected moments of contrast that have been tucked away its musical sleeve, where the song slides into a slower-paced lull, with bendy notes and a dreamy hue, delivering calm amidst the melodic chaos.  Listen above.

Releasing on June 23rd, you can pre-order your copy of One from here. 


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