SONG OF THE DAY Jordan Rakei – Sorceress

It’s been bleak day all round really, what with one thing or another so I desperately need a slice of sunshine to take the sharp edge off it all….. Lucky for me I found this ray of brightness which has delivered me from a total bleak-out!

Jordan Rakei is a Brisbane-born and London-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer whose sound blends groove-based R&B, jazz and hip-hop together with his soulful vocals, creating a very unique take on modern soul.

Recently signed to Ninja Tune, the label have described how his “distinct take on soul captures a sonic and emotional awareness many artists spend their entire careers chasing.”  

Releasing his stunning debut album, Cloak last year, the young talented 25-year-old has today shared a brand new single titled, Sorceress, explaining how “It’s about how the ego can fully control the way you act and perceive life” ….there was certainly magic in the air when I first played this!

Opening with warm shades of silky smooth vocals and intricate drums, this track really reached out to me today, offering a much-needed escape from the chaos.  Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what it is about a song that reaches in and nourishes you, but this song has done just that and from the very first few seconds I just knew that Sorceress was going to stand out, its gorgeous!…. Check it out above.

Now available, purchase your copy of Sorceress from here. 

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