SONG OF THE DAY Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas – Arthur

Whist browsing through some new music today, I was intrigued by a description that read: “scintillating soundscapes punctuated by throbbing drums!”  Driven by rhythm and always a sucker for a good beat (I dare say I’ve mentioned that a few times now) I was curious to hear what this was all about!

Norwegian duo Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas began making music together over 20 years ago, but their first collaborative studio session in Bergen, Norway didn’t go to plan and sadly resulted in a distorted tape only.  Recently the pair have reunited to pick up where they left off and this time it’s sounding good,  real good!

Bjørn Torske is a figurehead the electronic music scene in Norway, inspiring and laying the foundation for producers like Prins Thomas, Lindstrøm and Todd Terje.  Torske and Thomas’s relationship goes back to the mid 90’s when they first bonded over a shared passion for oddball disco, dub and Detroit techno.

Their forthcoming album, Square One, is to be their first collaborative album and completes their cycle of cosmic inspiration and education.  According to their Bandcamp page, Square One is a collection of ‘loose, abstract and free-form avant-disco jams and a  labour of love that shares a sound both Torske and Thomas have continuously adventured towards. Here they finally are, at square one.’ 

Loose and abstract describes first single, Arthur, perfectly, unveiling a glimpse of what’s in store with Square One.  This music is absorbing, fascinating and mysterious, neither understated or overstated, but finely balanced and calming, resonating on many different sonic layers.  Listen above.

Read more about the making of Square One and pre-order your copy from Bjørn and Prins Bandcamp page here. 


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