SONG OF THE DAY Can – Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a song that embedded itself in my head the very first time I heard it, and its been there ever since.  With its gorgeous bouncy drums, magnetic bass and Damo Suzuki vocals catchy vocals repeatedly hollering the line, “Hey you! You’re losing your Vitamin C,”  this song always makes for a satisfying listen

Featuring on Can’s 1972 album, Ege Bamyasi, this track is considered to be one of their more conventional songs because of its relative short length and standard structure, but there’s a lot packed into this three and a half minutes of song!  In 1997, an 8-minute version of the song, remixed by U.N.K.L.E., was featured on Can’s double remix album, Sacrilege as well and since then it has featured on various film/tv soundtracks!… So, without further ado, go grab yourself some Vitamin C and consume in very loud doses! Listen above.

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