SONG OF THE DAY Steakfry – Torn Apart

It’s been a while since I featured something unsigned and emerging so I was more than happy to find today’s song waiting for me in a stack of blog submissions.

Ryan Costelloe, aka Steakfry, is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Reno,NV who spends much of his time at home creating music in his bedroom.  He has been making music for about 3 years now, playing a multitude of instruments and documenting his sounds on his laptop alone.  Currently recording as a solo artist, Ryan is in the process of getting a band together, so if there are any musicians in the Nevada area that like the sound of Steakfry and think you would fit, get in touch!!  Also lending out his talents as a guitarist and drummer, Ryan plays with local band, Arizona Young, who are currently making a name for themselves performing live at large-scale shows in their area.

IMG_35591Speaking to Steakfry I asked what inspires his songwriting and this is what he had to say:

I’m inspired by a lot of different things, mostly it’s all about the ability to express yourself and enjoy yourself to the fullest, that is what I idolize. People who inspire me include Bob Dylan, Mac Dre, Yung Lean, Daft Punk, Spooky Black, Adeodat Warfield, and pretty much anyone with a large artistic vision, and who is unapologetically unique. When I see or hear someone like that, I’m instantly inspired to write more music, cause that’s what I enjoy most.”

At the end of last month Steakfry released an album titled, Desert Plains which, with its sun-drenched, dreamy feel, he aptly describes as encompassing “that desert feeling.”  More recently Ryan has shared new track Torn Apart, which had me hooked in less than 5 seconds!  This song is gorgeously infectious and uplifting and makes me want to dance, I guess that’s why it’s described as ‘Discosoul!’  The bass line creates tiny ripples under the skin and I can’t help but move to this!  The beat is tight and kicking, accented by punchy horns, whilst vocals are swirling, dreamy and a little gruff round the edges, which also adds to the appeal…. I love the DIY sound of Steakfry and am enthused to see what will come next! If this is what he can create in a room by himself, who knows where a band and live gigs will take him… Watch this space, I know I’ll be keeping a close ear on him!

Catch more of Steakfry’s music on his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages.  

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