SONG OF THE DAY Born Days – Analogue

I like it when a song really stops you in your tracks and hits you in the face with something good, but sometimes the subtle slow-burners can be just as effective and this is true of today’s song.

Upcoming singer-songwriter Melissa Harris, aka Born Days, creates dark electronic pop music that is rooted in her experiences with daydreaming, darkness and a fascination with retro synths and samples.  Based in Chicago, Illinois Melissa Harris released her first EP, What I Don’t See, in January this year and is due to release its follow-up at the end of this month.  

New single Be True gorgeously captures the hauntingly dreamy musings of Born Days, blending ethereal vocals with gentle cascading synths and a minimalist beat.  This isn’t a sound that leaps into your head, but rather laps at your ears like a gathering tide and is a subtle force to be reckoned with.  Listen above. 

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