SONG OF THE DAY Rainbrother – Fat Eggs

Earlier in the year and at the end of last year I featured a couple of Rainbrother’s songs, but today one of their tracks appeared in one of my music feeds and this inspired me to revisit their debut album.

Bjarke Bendtsen used to play with a band called The Migrant, but now the Copenhagen-based musician records with his new project, Rainbrother.  Though his roots may be in folk, Bendtsen has now ventured into electronic-rock realms where hints of Radiohead and Fleet Foxes can be heard echoing through new glistening soundscapes and rich delicate guitar melodies.

Tales From the Drought was released in February and is a rather curious record covering some interesting and quirky topics, including songs about enduring jugglers, mocking cows and, as you will discover in today’s song, fat eggs!  In a press release Bjarke Bendtsen has explained that Fat Eggs is a “song about giving into late night temptations, lusts, desires and the beauty of being human.”  Listen above and if you want to hear more, check out the rest of the album on Rainbrother’s Bandcamp page, here. 


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