SONG OF THE DAY Branded Moore – 123

“Branded Moore is the shit..ask around.  No bullshit hiphop”

Up until this evening I’d never heard of Canadian rapper Branded Moore, but I have discovered through a little bit of background reading that he has over ten years of music-making under his belt!

Today sees a new release from the London, Ontario hip-hop artist in the form of The Everyday EP and first track 123 has brightened up what has otherwise been ‘one of those days!’  Yes, this little lively gem of hip-hop has rescued me from the doldrums and for that I am so very grateful, where would we be without music!

Accompanied by a retro album cover that looks like The Beatles or Johnny Cash’s No 2 album release,  if you delve further into this EP you will hear Buddy Holly’s Everyday as you’ve never heard it before (I’m still trying to work out what I make of this), The Fleetwood’s Come Softly sampled into the mix and another sample on track 3 that I just can’t put my finger on…it’s crazing me, so if anybody knows what song this comes from, let me know!

Anyway, I’ve got to say I’m loving the EP’s opening track! Check it out above!

Hear the rest the EP on Branded Moore’s Bandcamp page here. 

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