SONG OF THE DAY We The People – In the Past

If you were to ask what kind of music I like the best it would be virtually impossible for me to answer as so many different genres appeal and my search for new sounds never ceases, but the psychedelic sounds of the 60’s will always have a high-ranking and very special place in my heart.

One band I particularly love and have featured before is We The People, a garage outfit from Orlando, Florida who formed in 1965.  Their musical career spanned over 5 years and although none of their singles charted nationally in the U.S., a number of them did reach the Top 10 of the local Orlando charts.   The band is perhaps best remembered for their song Mirror of Your Mind which reached the Top 10 in a number of regional singles charts across the U.S. during 1966.

Today’s song has one of those riffs that you instantly recognise and always remember, it’s a gorgeous piece of psychedelia that I’ve loved for many years!  In the Past has been covered by The Chocolate Watch Band in 1968 and again in 1994 by Greek garage-psych band, The Sound Explosion and is, in my opinion, an iconic song of the glorious 60’s psych era.  Listen above and listen to more We The People in my blog post here.

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