SONG OF THE DAY Unloved – Guilty of Love

If you were to merge the sounds of The Shangri-La’s, Ennio Morricone, Jack Nitzsche, Nino Rota with the electronic music of Raymond Scott, you would get a good idea of what David Holmes’ recent project, the Unloved sounds like!

Collaborating with TV composer Keefus Ciancia (True Detective) and songwriter-vocalist Jade Vincent (The Jade Vincent Experiment), Holmes and his collective got together early last year to fuse these great influences and in doing so have recreated a golden era with a modern, electronic twist!

Their music has a classic and authentic sound, adorned with gorgeous vocals and melodically dark guitars, whisking you off in a haze of nostalgia.  Today’s song is the title track from the trio’s debut EP, Guilty of Love which was released in October 2015.  Check it out above.


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