SONG OF THE DAY The Growlers – Wandering Eyes

Judging by the comments below this video on Youtube I’m not the only one mesmerised by Brooks Nielsen and his ‘wandering eyes!’

I read a review once describing how The Growlers front “man works the stage like a hippie Dean Martin” and I couldn’t think of a more apt description to encapsulate Neilsen’s distinguishable charismatic charms.  All that aside, however, I now have to rant about just how superb this band are and how their surfy, garage-rock sounds have for years satiated my psychedelic musical cravings!

Wandering Eyes opens to the sounds of tuning-up instruments and if you listen hard enough, you will hear someone in the background say ‘don’t fuck it up,’ which would probably explain the little glint in Nielsen’s eye just before the song starts.  Opening in a haze of dreamy guitars and gorgeous echoing marching snare, this heady combination provides the perfect wistful backdrop for opening line, “I’ll tell you I’ll never leave you, If you believe me then it’s your fault.”  This a song that declares everything and yet promises nothing, warning how “my wandering heart does what it wants, not even I know who I’ll love!”  I love the bittersweet sentiment behind this song and the gathering conviction in Nielsen’s vocals towards the end as they repeatedly howl, “these wandering eyes roll on the road, not even I know where I’ll go.”

Wandering Eyes is just one of 18 glorious tracks from The Growlers 2009 debut album, Are You In Or Out?  I can definitely recommend this as a listen!

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