SONG OF THE DAY Damas Swing Orchestra – Odylife

One thing I love about labels that dedicate their time and energy to unearthing obscure and rare music is that they discover so much more than I ever could and it’s thanks to them that I now have the chance to reap the benefits of their efforts!

London-based label Africa Seven are “a collective of crate diggers, afro music-heads, label spotters and vinyl buying obsessives”  who love African music!  Their mission is to share their passion and love for these sounds!

Amongst their many releases, Africa Seven have put out a series of funk compilations called Africa Airways and today’s song features on the third LP in this series focusing on The Afro-Psych Excursion from 1972-1984.  Odylife is performed by the Damas Swing Orchestra, but the year of this song’s initial release remains to be something of a mystery, everywhere I’ve checked so far doesn’t give a date.  The one thing I am certain of, however, is that this song is funky and I like the laid-back vibe of its looping melody and steady groove!  Listen to Odylife above and if you like this song and want to hear more from the Africa Airways compilations, you can do that here. 

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