SONG OF THE DAY Grizzly Bear – Sky Took Hold

I was recently commenting on a Youtube feed about how some Grizzly Bear lyrics had completely got into my head, expressing so much with so little.  Sometimes just one line can really resonate, allowing a song to sink deep under the skin where it resides on a more personal level.   Grizzly Bear’s sound is so expressive and this applies to the subtle lulls just as much as their big instrumental highs.

Five years after last album, Shields, Grizzly Bear have released its long-awaited follow-up: Painted Ruins, which has been two years in the making.  Releasing only two days ago, I haven’t had chance to get my hard copy yet, but have been checking out some its tracks on Youtube today and am very into what I’ve heard so far!  The album’s last track, Sky Took Hold has definitely stands out for me and going back to what I was saying about the band’s lyrics, this is another one that has instantly struck deep.  In true Grizzly Bear style Sky Took Hold is brimming with lush vocal harmonies and big guitar sounds, gathering as the chorus comes round with rising vocals rise that spiral upwards repeating the lines, “Who I am beneath the surface, Hiding out so long inside my mind, Every day I stay blind to it, Habit comes and tears me open wide, All the time.”

I love this track and am so happy that Grizzly Bear are back..and back with an album I can’t wait to get my hands on!

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